Minimize data travel with just one click

Scale down unnecessary costs and scale up with delivery rates

Covering all aspects of the mobile messaging business, HORISEN is devoted to free you up of all unnecessary expenses along the way. Therefore, the MNP Lookup service is made to ensure MNP based routing capability.

Our number lookup service simplifies and automates the entire mobile number portability process. By accessing a rich database of mobile numbers, you will have real-time cross-checks of the first party numbering source. Verifying if any porting has taken place on numbers in your base, you are set to go: send traffic to the right operator, through the right route.

Get started with HORISEN Mobile Portability Lookup - with 3 easy steps:

Access the database

Starting the system enables customers to get high-speed access to complete MSISDN information with a click

Using databases as a source of MNP information allows us to offer you a high-speed number lookup service with more than 1’000 queries per second.

Cross-check on portability of existing numbers

Successful identification of the true hosting mobile operator - service returns the following query results of the actual mobile number:

  • The country code
  • Mobile Network name
  • Mobile Country Code (MCC)
  • Mobile Network Code (MNC)
  • Whether a mobile number has been ported from one operator to another
  • The name of the network mobile number originally belonged to when registered

Cost-vise routing decision

Utilize precise routing by targeting paths with minimized data travel, eliminate ported-number inefficiency, reduce operational costs, and boost revenue.

With our service, you will know exactly who you engage with and have the most extensive approach in routing decisions. Increased effectiveness of performed routes will set you up as a premium service provider.

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