Mobile number portability lookup service

HORISEN MNP service – serves your investments

Identify the source operator of every number in the base, keep contacts list up to date , optimize routing and maximize profits

HORISEN MNP Lookup service provides a forward-looking perspective of the entire number portability lookup process. With the access to the rich and regularly updated mobile numbers database, MNP is designed to facilitate traffic and routing optimization by verifying if any porting has taken place on numbers database and cut costs coming from the wrong operator termination.

The service is perfect fit for MNOs, SMS aggregators, voice carriers, banks, financial institutions, marketing agencies, enterprises… basically, everyone sending or trading SMS, or maintaining a large mobile phone numbers database.

Global coverage

Get full access to MNP Databases of various countries all around the world.

  • Wide MNP coverage
  • Great redundancy and high availability

Rich database

Entry to an MNP database of billions of mobile phone numbers through just one API.

  • Access to complete MSISDN information
  • A single protocol for all the countries (HTTPs, ENUM, SIP)

High response rates

Evolve at phenomenal speed with extremely fluid data transfer.

  • Updated every few hours, depending on the country
  • Fast response time: up to 1.000 queries/sec

Run your messaging business from exceptional cost vise starting point – route the traffic correctly at your first attempt

HORISEN MNP will uncover remarkable revenue margins by reducing unnecessary costs occurring when you send text messages to the wrong operator. You can limit your needed investment size, based on the knowledge this service will provide. When you send bulk quantities of SMS, the cost of an inaccurate operator can be massive. With MNP, you will have the best shots during every routing.

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