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HORISEN has MNP Databases of various countries all around the world.

MNP is important. It saves you real money.

Full MNP coverage:
avoid costs, improve delivery success rates

Stop wasting money!
Clean your database and keep it up to date. Always!

Our number lookup service simplifies and automates the entire mobile number portability processes which allow you to efficiently manage all your messaging activities. The service is ideal for mobile operators, SMS aggregators, VoIP carriers, MVNOs, OTT companies, banking, insurance, financial institutions, enterprises, digital marketing agencies etc.

HORISEN MNP Service helps you clean up your mobile number database by removing invalid or deactivated mobile numbers. By sending SMS messages only to valid mobile numbers, mobile operators or carriers are lowering their operational costs and boosting revenue margins. Using this efficient service you will make only the right routing choices.

HORISEN MNP Service Benefits:

  • Wide MNP Coverage worldwide

  • Accurate mobile number databases

  • Great redundancy and high availability

  • Efficient traffic and routing optimization for SMS and voice calls

  • Easy Mobile Number Portability APIs

  • Eliminates ported-number routing inefficiency

  • Improves revenue margins and delivery success rates

  • Effective revenue leakage prevention

  • Real-time mobile network information

  • Easy-to-use & cost-effective

How does HORISEN MNP Service work?

HORISEN has MNP Databases of various countries all around the world. This is a centralized database for carriers, mobile operators, enterprises etc. It enables customers to get high-speed access to complete MSISDN information. Using databases as a source of MNP information allows us to offer you a high-speed number lookup service with more than 1’000 queries per second.

Based on customer requirements, HORISEN Mobile Number Lookup Service returns the following query results of the actual mobile number:

  • The country code

  • Mobile network name

  • Mobile Country Code (MCC)

  • Mobile Network Code(MNC)

  • Whether a mobile number has been ported from one operator to another

  • The name of the network mobile number originally belonged to when registered

All this information are easily accessed through our cloud-based Mobile Number Lookup Service which can be used for routing decisions, which provides comprehensive coverage and accurate return values.


Our Mobile Number Portability Service


Our API gives you the access to a centralized database of billions of subscribers, used by MNOs, SMS aggregators, VoIP carriers, OTT companies, enterprises etc.

Routing efficiency

Utilize precise routing to improve revenue margins, delivery success rates, and ported-number routing efficiency.

Global coverage

Get full access to MNP Databases of various countries all around the world. Depending on a country, the databases are updated every few hours.

Key advantages

Here are some of the most important advantages our lookup service provides to you:

  • MNP based routing capability

  • Fast response time: up to 1’000 queries/sec

  • Successful identification of the true hosting mobile operator

  • Utilize precise routing to eliminate ported-number routing quality

  • Resell MNP as a service to your customers

  • SMS Platform comes with connection including wide MNP coverage

  • Connect additional MNP and HLR providers

  • Protocols: https, ENUM, SIP

  • Improve delivery success rates and ported-number routing efficiency

  • Centralized database for MNOs, SMS aggregators, VoIP carriers, OTT companies, banking, insurance, financial institutions, enterprises etc.

  • High-speed access to complete MSISDN information: operator name, mobile network code, country code and ported numbers

  • Reduce operational costs and boost revenue

Why is Mobile Number Lookup so important?

MNP is important because it saves you real money. If you are routing Voice Calls or collecting customers' mobile numbers to send SMS messages, you can easily check which mobile operator they belong to so that you can send the traffic to the right operator, through the right route. In this way, you are avoiding extra costs occurring in case you send the traffic to the operator to whom mobile number no longer belongs to.

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