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HORISEN MNP helps you reduce your expenditure!

Application Programming Interface

Easy API integration
for 100% MNP Service access

Implement only one protocol we offer to you
and the rest of the job is ours!

Our number lookup service enables you to easily get desired results without having to search for so many different MNP service providers.
The more operators you have, the more days you need to spend with implementing their protocols, set up error codes etc. This is exhausting, takes a lot of time and it also costs a lot.

With HORISEN number lookup service you’ll no longer have to look for different providers to get info about different countries - we’ll do it for you! With just one protocol!

The sample for developers who would like to connect to our SMS API:

    $client = new GuzzleHttp\Client();
    $res = $client->request('GET', '');
    echo $res->getStatusCode();
    // "200"
    echo $res->getHeader('content-type');
    // 'application/json; charset=utf8'
    echo $res->getBody();
    // {"type":"User"...'

    // Send an asynchronous request.
    $request = new \GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Request('GET', '');
    $promise = $client->sendAsync($request)->then(function ($response) {
        echo 'I completed! ' . $response->getBody();
"imm": {
        "qid": "058d37a9409913af80a5b6e068d0a8ca",
        "msisdn": "41787078880",
        "mcc": "228",
        "mnc": "02",
        "errcode": "000",
        "ported": "Unknown",
        "roaming": "Unknown",
        "valid": "Unknown",
        "online": "Unknown",
        "asked": "teldas",
        "answered": "teldas",
        "extInfo": false,
        "smsId": "" 

Fields in response:

qid Query ID 135c5eea40008a01807c7229938dd852
msisdn MSISDN international format with or without leading'+' 41787078880
mcc MCC 228
mnc MNC of network where number is ported 03
errcode Error code, see list of error codes below 140
errdesc Error Description No information about given MSISDN

Choose your protocol!


With HTTP, you are using the simplest protocol.


The ENUM protocol is primarily used by mobile operators and gateways.


If you are a VOIP provider this protocol will be your right choice.

Stop wasting your money!

Sending SMS in bulk quantities can be costly. Having unnecessary costs will reduce your revenue.

You pay for each and every SMS you send, regardless of the delivery result. Sending SMS to the wrong mobile operator due to a ported number issue is unnecessary expenditure, very big in case you are regularly sending out a large number of SMS messages.

HORISEN MNP helps you reduce your expenditure!

In order to maximize revenue, it is important to identify any unnecessary costs that your business may be incurring, and look to find ways to reduce these costs. HORISEN Mobile Number Lookup Service does exactly that – it helps you reduce your expenditure by enabling you to have timely and precise information about mobile number portability. This crucial information will substantially reduce all your hidden costs.

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