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Remove all invalid or deactivated mobile numbers from your number database.

HORISEN MNP for best routing decisions

Marketing Technology for Marketing Professionals

The development of innovative software products
for Marketing & Communication is our passion.

HORISEN is a software company which develops, puts into operation and maintains a multitude of different products in the areas of marketing and telecommunications for businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries.

We offer a self-developed cloud based products as «Software as a Service» (SaaS). Our marketing technology focuses on strengthening customer loyalty as well as the unification and merging of all forms of digital communication. Our different applications simplify, automate and accelerate your work and enable greater efficiency.

For many companies, our High-Tech products are a key sales revenue, and they build their business model on our applications. With our strong customer orientation and professionalism, we have become a reliable partner for our customers. Regardless of whether it comes to simple marketing application or important business-critical software application in the telecommunications field, you can always rely on us.

Act like thousands of our enthusiastic customers worldwide: contact us and find out how HORISEN can support your company with its products.

We call ourselves «Marketing Technology» company.

„Who always does what he is already able to do, always remains what he already is.”

- Henry Ford

SMS communication

More and more consumers demand 2-way SMS communication with companies. Predictions say that by 2025 50% of all SMS will be from businesses. Mobile marketing platform is the most helpful tool you can use to reach your clients. And HORISEN MNP Service assures you don't have extra costs! 

Privately owned company, founded in 2001

Headquarter in Rorschach (Switzerland)

More than 90 employees (60 Software Developers)

More than 1,200 customers worldwide in cross-industries

Our customers range from SMEs to Fortune 500 global companies

Focused on digital services: «Marketing Technology» specialists

All our services are made 100% in-house

All services we offer run on our hardware

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