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Our Mobile Number Portability Lookup Service helps you to reduce expenditure by providing you timely and precise information

HORISEN Mobile Number Lookup Service

One connection for a worldwide MNP Service coverage

Identify the true home mobile operator for precise routing to reduce costs, and improve delivery success rates.

HORISEN Mobile Number Lookup Service

provides access to all critical information about mobile number routing, identity, and verification which enables carriers and mobile operators to improve delivery success rates and ported-number routing efficiency.
Our Mobile Number Lookup Service is designed to facilitate traffic and routing optimization for SMS and voice calls.

It’s never been easier!

HORISEN – your trustworthy business partner with
15+ years of experience in the SMS Business

Reduce costs, boost revenue!

Our Mobile Number Portability Service helps you to reduce expenditure by providing you timely and precise information about mobile number portability.

It helps you to remove all invalid or deactivated mobile numbers from your number database.

This crucial information will substantially reduce all your hidden costs and boost the revenue by enabling you to make optimal routing decisions.


One API for a full MNP coverage.

Real-time info

Real-time MSISDN routing information.

Precise routing

Precise routing eliminates ported-number routing inefficiency.


HTTP (with JSON based data format), ENUM, SIP.


Fast response time: 1.000 queries/sec.


Full technical support available 24/7.

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